Monday, 20 February 2012


A speech enabled encyclopedic dictionary and thesaurus. Uses built in speech or existing screen Reader. Contains 250,000 word entries and is fully browsable. Database includes placenames, historical figures, S Lang and jargon. Updated with over 8500 new words. Can be used with other programs or as a standalone program. Designed for computers running Microsoft Windows 95 onwards and has been optimized for Windows Vista and Windows XP. 
It can now be used from within other Windows programs, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Notepad, etc. Spell checker rewritten and improved. Can search for words when letters are missing from the input. For partially sighted users the text size can easily be adjusted. Word list is browsable like an electronic book. Annotations can be made to any word entry.

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  1. Thanks bro thanks for share with our and thankful to you bcoz i really find many day this dictionary


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